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CrossStitch Creations

CrossStitch Creations allows you to create your own cross-stitch patterns on your PC, or convert a picture into a cross-stitch pattern. Download the free version to experience the capabilities of CrossStitch Creations. View the user interface below.

Graphics conversion to pattern
- Bmp, jpg, ico, wmf, or emf files
- Color or black & white
- Colors automatically added to pattern
Pattern grids to 1000H x 1000W stitches
Choose from 400+ DMC Colors
Full and quarter stitches
Pattern views
- Colored stitches or squares, or symbols
- Multiple levels of zoom
Editing in a select rectangle
- fill, flip horizontal or vertical, cut, copy, or paste
Move stitches between patterns
- Cut, copy, paste operations
- Colors automatically added to pattern
Palette editor for manual floss selection
Runs on Windows® operating systems


CrossStitch Creations - User Interface

CrossStitch screen


CrossStitch Creations

CrossStitch Creations will permit you to convert a computer graphic image to a cross stitch pattern. BMP, JPG, ICO, WMF, and EMF graphic image formats are supported. The patterns produced are very detailed and will take you some time to complete. However, the results are remarkable.

CrossStitch conversion
Graphic Image From Photograph
Because a photograph is more detailed than you expect, the pattern produced is highly detailed. A graphic image containing a photograph scanned at 100 DPI (dots per inch) will generate a cross stitch pattern containing a stitch for each dot scanned.

By example, a one-inch square section of a photograph will create a 100 by 100 stitch pattern—this is equivalent to a 5 by 5 inch cross stitch pattern on 20-count fabric. The converted pattern will contain up to 100 colors. (The scanning of a photograph into a graphic image file must be done with software included with your scanner.)

The left eye of the graphic image above is shown here (at right) as a finished 14 count pattern section. You may need to back away from the screen a bit to get a better view of the example.

CrossStitch conversion