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You are encouraged to fully explore the capabilities of countED before obtaining a license. EDit wants you to be completely comfortable with the program. You will be able to test countED on your equipment. Make sure to read the enclosed pdf documentation for explanations of capabilities that may not be immediately obvious. If you have not tested countED on your own equipment, please do so before applying for a license

The Limited license includes the capability to create upto 30 numbers on a sheet at one time.
The Full license removes that restriction - providing hundreds of numbers on a sheet at one time.
Remember these are universal numbers - each one can separately be any TrueType font, font size, color, location, and orientation you choose. And can be pre and postfixed with any printable text you choose.

You are here because you are satisfied with the operation of countED at your site. The downloadable unlicensed version is FREE, but displays Xs across the printed output while unlicensed. You are placing an order for a license to use countED which will remove the Xs. countED remains the property of EDit.

You may place the order by U.S. Mail or on credit through the PayPal or Google online services. U.S. Mail orders make payment via check or money order.

As part of the order form you must supply the program's ID (obtained from the Help..., License... pulldown). The license key can be returned to you via EMail, if you provide an EMail address in the order form. Otherwise, it will be returned via normal mail. You have the program already, the order is to obtain the license key.

countED Order Form (Please fill out this form.)

First Name Last Name
City, State ,     ZIP
EMail Address*
Program ID**
  Limited License(s)     @     Sub Total
  Full License(s)     @     Sub Total
  Total USD$
*   EMail Address - Used to return the numberED license key to you.
**  Program ID - You must first run the countED program on your PC. Doing so allows countED to create the unique countED ID which you are asked to enter here. Get the ID from the Help, License... menu selection.


Order by Credit Card

If you are paying by credit card, you can make payment via the PayPal online service. Click the button below. An EMail message is sent to EDit with the contents of the form, then a Secure connection is established to the PayPal service where you can make payment with your credit card.

Charge via PayPal

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
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Order by Mail

If you are paying by check or money order, please print this form with your browser, make payment to EDit and send payment with order form to:
9937 Carillon Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042
If you are paying with a check written on a bank which is NOT a US bank, then an additional fee must be paid to cover charges a US bank requires to process your check. If you will be paying with a check written on a bank which is NOT a US bank, please click in the checkbox to add the processing fee to your total. Checks written on US banks do not require this fee. Money orders or Paypal payments do not require this fee.
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