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countED Features

We've listed some of the features found in countED. A short description of each of them is explained below.


countED is capable of hundreds of number specifications. countED is presently offered in two capacities: Limited and Full. Limited provides up to 30 number specifications. Full has no restriction. (Consult the ordering page for current pricing.)

TrueType Fonts

Truetype font numbering Number specifications can use any True-type fonts available on the host computer. Font, fontsize and color can be set for each specification.


Each number specification can be positioned on a sheet by entering the distance from the top and left edges of the sheet. The distance from the left edge is considered the X distance. The Y distance is to the top edge of the sheet. You can set the default operating mode of countED to use the English (inches) or Metric (centimeters) measurement system. The X and Y values are entered in the units of the measurement system being used at the time.

Rotation / Orientation

Rotation / Orientation countED provides you the ability to rotate (turn) a number specification to any angle between 0 and 360. Choose a preset value (0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees) or enter another value. Each specification can be rotated separately.

Additional Text

You can use countED to only print numbers, but it provides additional value to you by letting you add other characters into the number specification both before and after the number designation. Example: use this facility to prefix a number with 'No.'. Example2: For MICR numbers, special symbols in the font are to precede and follow MICR digits. You can add these within the number specification. You can have a number specification that does not use a number, when you need some special text added to your sheet. (Give it a try!)

Metric Support

You can tell countED to operate in the Metric system (centimeters) or in the English system (inches) - the default. While in the chosen system, countED will accept and display measurements in that system.