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Getting Onsite Assistance from EDit Software

Help at your site - on your PC.

EDit Software offers you support that includes personalized one-on-one help while you sit at your PC. You will temporarily permit a connection to be made from EDit Software to your PC where an advisor will demonstrate on your PC screen how to accomplish the task you want to complete. If you want to take advantage of this service, read on - some preparation for the connection will need to be done by you.

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Numbering Assistance
Numbering Assistance
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Numbering Assistance Numbering Assistance


You must be able to connect to the Internet for this kind of assistance to happen.

You will need to do three things:
- Download and install countED.
- Download and run on your PC a help program that will receive a connection from EDit Software. This help program will display your Desktop to EDit Software and permit EDit Software to control your mouse so that assistance can be given. Click on this link to download and run the help program. You can save the help program to your desktop and run it from there OR you can run it directly during the download. A dialog box will appear displaying an ID and a password. At this point your PC is ready for EDit Software to assist you.
- After you have the above help program running, place a phone call to EDit Software asking for online assistance. You will be asked for the ID and password displayed to you in the last step. These values permit a connection to be made to your PC. No connection can be made to your PC when the downloaded help program is NOT running. Each time the help program is rerun, a new password is created.

EDit Software will connect to your PC and explain answers to your countED questions by voice while demonstrating countED on your Desktop.