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Available on all Windows versions: NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Available on Macintosh® using Parallel's OR VMWare Fusion's virtual hosting of Windows

Main Screen

Add numbers and text to your tickets, forms, membership cards, labels, etc.

countED is capable of placing hundreds of numbers on your sheets.
   ... as many as you need.
   ... wherever you want them.
   ... in the font, size, color, and orientation (rotation) you need.
   ... in the counting sequence you want.
and each number is individually defined, permitting you the flexibility of different number presentations on a sheet all at the same time.

For each number you need on a sheet, you can ...
   ... set the position of the number using an X,Y position in either inches or centimeters.
   ... choose a TrueType font from those available on the PC.
   ... pick a font size and choose the color of the font.
   ... set the orientation of the number (from 0 thru 360 degrees)
   ... set the font styles (bold, italic, underline, strikeout)
   ... define the number sequence - forward or backward and the sheet-to-sheet increment.
   ... see an example of how the number will display as these choices are made.

You can select a previously defined number specification and add or insert a new one that makes a copy of the selected specification. This permits quick duplication of number parameters when you need the same type number, but in different positions on the sheet. There is a Print Preview capability so you can view the entire job - sheet by sheet (allowing you to check number sequencing and any other detail without wasting paper). You can check the Print Last Sheet First box to print your job backwards if your printer delivers the job sheets faceup. You have the capability to print copies of each job sheet as the job prints (useful for NCR-type jobs). The Print... dialog allows you to print the entire job or subranges of the job sheets.

HELP... If you would appreciate some assistance with your numbering task, please send us the details in an Email or give us a call. We are ready to provide you help with countED.

Main Screen