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numberED provides a flexible variable data capability as well as capabilities for numbering and barcodes. AND the variable data capability can do Theater/Arena seat numbering with pricing. The variable data capability can be used with the other capabilities of numberED.

You may be familiar with 'variable data' if you know what 'mail merge' is [where many form letters, envelopes, ... are printed with differing addressees]. The basic form content (the letter) is constant on each printed sheet, but the addressee is unique. The variable data in this example is the addressee's name, address, phone number, ... In numberED, variable data can be any information you want to be different on each item printed.

The 'variable data' capability provided by numberED permits you to have the ability to print tickets, labels, cards, forms, ... and provide your customers the ability to individualize each item printed.

You design the format of the item and embed in it coded characters that are replaced - every time that item is printed - with the variable data you provide. The variable data is stored by you (or your customer) in an auxiliary file that associates the data with the coded characters you have placed in the item's design. When an item is printed, numberED searches the item's design for the coded characters, retrieves the associated variable data from the variable data file, and substitutes it into the item using the font characteristics of the coded characters. For each item printed there is a unique data record in the variable data file.

Theater/Arena seat numbering is an extension of variable data allowing you to concisely create a variable data file containing a seating plan with prices that can be printed onto tickets. A general seating venue (like a school auditorium) can be turned into one with graduated pricing. A venue that has graduated pricing is easily handled with this capability.

Be sure to view the training documents on Wedding invitations and Theater seating in the Training menu above. There are also examples above in the Examples menu.