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You are encouraged to fully explore the capabilities of numberED before obtaining a license. EDit wants you to be completely comfortable with the program. You will be able to test numberED on your equipment. Make sure to read the enclosed pdf documentation for explanations of capabilities that may not be immediately obvious. If you have not tested numberED on your own equipment, please do so before applying for a license.

Licensing Levels...

Features Lite Premier Var Data Bar Code 2D Code Extreme
Use either the Metric or English (standard US) measurement system.
Provides numbering only. Numbering types - Sequential, Bates, Book & Page, Checkdigit, Repeat, Skip - in any font, size and color.
All of the numbering types (Sequential, Bates, Book & Page, Checkdigit, Repeat, Skip, Separated, Tiered) in any font, size and color.
Add text and images to your job.
Print all of the above over backgrounds imported from other software OR your customers.
Print everything in one pass through your printer.
Use provided commercial sheet layouts or create your own.
Variable data input. Some uses... Personalize announcements, create Stadium/Arena plan for seat numbering/pricing, ...
Over 15 types of bar codes and variants. Fixed and counting bar codes are supported.
QR (Quick React) and PDF417 codes. Textual and/or counting codes supported
Special equation-based numbering. (See manual Appendix IV)
includes 1 hr assistance $69 US $119 US $159 US $159 US $159 US $199 US
assistance is available $19 US $69 US $109 US $109 US $109 US $149 US