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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of numbers can I print?
Sequential (ex. 1,2,3,…),
Bates (ex. 000001,000002,000003,…) - 6 digit sequential,
Skip (ex. 2,3,4,12,13,14,22,…),
Repeat (ex. 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,…),
Book and Page (ex. 4-02),
Check Digit (mod7, mod10, mod11, & others),
Tiered (vertically oriented),
Segmented (ex. 3a01,3a02,3a03,…) - contains separating characters.

Can I print text and numbers in one pass?

Can I add images to text and numbers and print all on the same pass?

Can I use numberED to add numbers to output from my favorite program and print both in one pass?
Yes. You capture print output from your program in a print file. You tell numberED to use pages from the print file as background for numbering and other information added by numberED. You can use one print file page as background for all numbered output; OR sequence print file pages as sequential backgrounds.

Can I just add numbers to work previously printed?
Yes. You can add text and images, as well.

Can I number backward?
Yes. Two ways. By indicating the sequence of numbers during their creation OR by printing the pages in reverse order.

What kind of images can be printed?

PDF (Adobe Acrobat) Portable document file
PS Postscript formatted file
EPS Encapsulated Postscript image file
PNG Portable network graphics file
JPEG JPEG compressed bitmap
JPG JPEG bitmap
BMP Windows bitmap
ICO Windows icon
WMF Windows metafile
EMF Enhanced Windows metafile

Is the layout of numbers, text and images visual?
Yes. numberED allows you to drag and drop number, text and image blocks anywhere in your layout..

Can I place information by measurement in a layout?
Yes. While dragging the block containing your number, text or image, numberED displays the block's position within the layout.

Can I layer numbers, text, and images?
Yes. Just indicate 'Send to back' or 'Bring to front' from a pop-up menu.

How many numbers can I print at one time?
Virtually unlimited. For example, suppose you are printing multiple tickets or labels on a page. numberED asks you define the layout of only one of the tickets/labels. On that layout you can define up to 50 number blocks which contain numbers and any other text you want. You can place multiple numbers in each number block (limited only by the available space). If in your layout you placed 100 numbers in each of the available 50 number blocks that implys 5000 numbers on a ticket/label AND if the page contains 20 tickets, that means 100000 (5000x20) numbers on a page. Virtually unlimited.

How big can I make the numbers?
You are limited only by the sheet size or the size of the ticket, label, form, … you are printing.

Can I be creative with the numbers?
Yes. You can choose a font/size/color unique to each character of the number.

Can I print the numbers upside down?
Yes. Just select '180 degrees' from a pop-up menu. You can also rotate numbers 0, 90, and 270 degrees.

Can I prefix numbers?
You bet. You can do much more! A prefix is just a set of characters in front of a number. numberED allows you to place characters before, after, and even between digits of the number!! (ex. prefix1234, 1234postfix, in12bet34ween) You can place a number in the middle of a sentence.

Can I rotate text, numbers and images?
Yes. Just select 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees from a pop-up menu.

Can I mirror (reverse) images?
Yes. Select 'mirror' from a pop-up menu.

Can I stretch (or shrink) images?
Yes. Just drag an edge or corner of the image block.

Can I preserve the aspect ratio (proportions) of the image during resizing?
Yes. Hold the 'SHIFT' key down during edge or corner drag.

Is a demo version of numberED available?
Yes. It is the full, complete version! numberED wants you to test the program at your site on your equipment. We would like you to test it on representative jobs your shop produces. Make sure it works for you before you make payment.

Is a version available for the Mac?
Yes. Using the MAC-based Parallel virtual hosting software to host the Windows operating system, numberED will operate on the MAC as it does on the PC.

Is there a limit on the type or size of paper I can use?
Your printer or copier limits the paper you can use. Paper weight (NCR, 20#, 65#, …), size, finish (matte, glossy, metal, …), ink or toner are unique to each printer. You may have multiple printers in your shop. Whatever types of paper that each printer can pass and print are available for numberED jobs.

Can I recall an old job?
Yes. Each job setup is saved to disk. You can recall it later to: reprint the original job, change to a new number sequence, alter the content and save for a new customer.

Can I use forms?
Yes. You can have a sheet of n by m ‘forms’ (labels, tickets, etc) OR can have a sheet containing a 1040-tax-type form. The latter can be created with numberED with combinations of number, text, image blocks, and a background image. The former (sheet of n by m ‘forms’) is the subject of this question. numberED provides descriptions of some commercial sheets and gives you the capability to define your own custom sheets. You describe where the ‘forms’ are positioned on the sheet. numberED asks that you layout the content of one form and it will automatically reproduce that layout on every ‘form’ on the sheet.

I'd like to input a DCR, GIF, PBM, PCX, PGM, PPM, TIFF, TGA, or FPX file into numberED as an image file. How do I do that?
Visit www.reasoft.com/products/reaconverter. Download and install ReaConverterPro. Convert the file to a JPG formatted file. Be sure to indicate that the JPG dpi selection matches your printer's dpi value and its quality is 100%. Then input the new JPG using numberED.

Can I have numberED create a PDF formatted file?
numberED does not output the PDF format. However, there are third parties which do provide the ability to create a 'printer' to which output can be directed that does generate PDF output. Two of them are:
1. Visit www.fineprint.com. Download and install pdfFactory. numberED output should be directed to a new Windows printer established by pdfFactory. Licensing pdfFactory removes the special footer they embed.
2. Visit www.daneprairie.com. Download and install Win2PDF. numberED output should be directed to a new Windows printer established by Win2PDF. Licensing Win2PDF removes the special last page they embed.

Why does my licensed copy of numberED print pages with 'UNLICENSED...' printed across them?
numberED uses copy protection logic that determines if it still executes on the PC to which it was licensed. If you have made changes to the PC's hardware or operating system, numberED may believe it is now executing on a different PC. You will need to either: 1) remove the changes to the PC's hardware or operating system; or 2) obtain a new license key from EDit,LLC.

Why does Print Preview display blank page?
1) You may have indicated that the number of pages you want to print (on unnumbered pages) is zero; or
2) the form blank you are attempting to print contains no text, number and/or image blocks.

Transparency of image backgrounds is not preserved. Why?
numberED does not support maintaining the transparency of transparent images at this time.

How do I print E13B (MICR) or PostNet fonts?
numberED uses Truetype fonts installed on the PC where it is run. These fonts are not normally found on Windows PCs. Here is a list of third party sites where these fonts can be found (more exist):
       * PrecisionID (www.precisionid.com)
       * IDAutomation (www.idautomation.com)
       * Elfring Fonts (www.micrfonts.com)
       * BarCodeSoft (www.barcodesoft.com)

Fonts used in PDF files used by numberED don't convert correctly. Why?
PDF files provide for including definitions of the fonts used elsewhere in the body of the document. There are 'viewers' (programs) that display the files. Just as WEB browsers display WEB pages, no two do it equally. PDF viewers suffer the same problem. Adobe controls the code their viewers use to display PDF files (Adobe does not make that code available for third party use). Displaying PDF files is involved and requires substantial code to do it. numberED uses code that is available in the public domain which favorably renders most PDF files. The result is close to, not necessarily identical to, the original. There are no plans to take on the task of writing original code to duplicate Adobe's viewer, its way beyond the value it would add to the capability currently provided.

Backgrounds made using the numberED printer driver sometimes have wrong color (grayscale) in places.
This most frequently is caused by use of a transparent image file in the composition of the background. Transparent png files are the most common types that create the problem.

numberED allows you to create sheet backgrounds from other Windows programs you may have on your PC. Printing on the PC is accomplished by each program formatting sheet image data and sending it to a common Windows print subsystem which in turn will send the data to a specific printer driver. The numberED printer driver captures the commonly formatted image data at a point before it would have passed along to a specific driver. That common format is based on the Windows standard enhanced metafile (emf) format and is stored in Windows spool files (spl). The emf format does not handle transparent filetypes well. The numberED printer driver uses the spl filetype for the backgrounds because that filetype is included within every Windows system, it generally works very well, it is free, and any Windows program can use it.

If you experience a color change, some workarounds exist:
* First, try an alternate filetype or do not use a transparent file.
* Second, if you have access to an alternate printer driver that produces Adobe pdf format, you can make a background in that format. This option may require a fee from the vendor providing that alternate driver.