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Multipage Form (View example output.) Form numbering

A five page application form was produced outside of numberED as a five page pdf file. The customer wanted each copy of the form to have its own unique number. Every page of each form copy is given that unique number so that any page can be tied back to the applicant. The number is placed in the upper right of the application's pages. The numbers sequence from 'AAA0001' through 'AAA0200'.

The original five page form in pdf format was read and printed by the Adobe Reader to the numberED provided numberED printer - creating a Windows spool file used by numberED as background pages on which numbers were added. numberED then printed the combined numbers with background form pages to a printer in one pass. Some of the output is captured here Form numbering as a pdf file for your viewing convenience.

This example can be opened after installing numberED by selecting File...,Open...,Job... and choosing job '5PartForm'.