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6up Tickets (View example output.) Ticket Numbering

A common ticket job containing numbers on the main body and tearoff sections is set as a six-up layout on 8.5x11 sheet stock. Event data along with the numbers are printed in one pass. The customer wants 1800 tickets numbered 0001 through 1800 and delivered in stacks of 300 (0001-0300, 0301-0600, ...).

After defining the layout of ticket forms as a custom sheet, numberED displays a single blank ticket form on which event and number content are added. numberED then printed the combined text and numbers to a printer in one pass. Some of the output is captured here Ticket Numbering as a pdf file for your viewing convenience.

This example can be opened after installing numberED by selecting File...,Open...,Job... and choosing job 'bullroa2'.

To demonstrate numbering flexibility, the above 6up ticket job has been renumbered so that each sheet contains 6 sequentially numbered tickets; first: numbered across a row and then down the rows Ticket Numbering, and second: numbered down the column and then across the columns Ticket Numbering.

numberED can add images to the design Ticket Numbering. This example can be opened by selecting File...,Open...,Job... and choosing job 'bullroas'.