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numberED provides checkdigit calculations for many existing numbering systems (UPC, EAN, ISBN, CreditCard, ...) The table below is a list of many such numbering systems. You select a numbering system in the first column and use the data in the row to its right to set the parameters in the Checkdigit dialog box. (The box appears when you select checkdigit numbering in the Job Setup dialog box.) These values are provided as a guide and their use should be verified by you. numberED bears no responsibility if the information provided is incorrect or is incorrectly used by you.

Checkdigit System Modulus Checkdigit Placement Checkdigits Weights Weight Dir Products
Dual Mod 1010098765432121L>RTotProd
Arithmetic Mod 1010098765432121L>RTotProd
Arithmetic Mod 111110987654321234567L>RTotProd
Geometric Mod 1111009876543212485(10)97361L>RTotProd
Geometric Mod 10100987654321731L>RTotProd
Leibinger Mod 10100987654321none
Leibinger Mod 7 DR*70123456none
Leibinger Mod 7 DSR**77654321none
Leibinger Mod 9 DR*9012345678none
Leibinger Mod 9 DSR**9987654321none
Leibinger Mod 11 DR*110123456789Xnone
Leibinger Mod 11 DSR**110X987654321none
Mod 7 DR* Weighted701234561L>RTotProd
Mod 7 DSR** Weighted776543211L>RTotProd
Mod 9 DR* Weighted90123456781L>RTotProd
Mod 9 DSR** Weighted99876543211L>RTotProd
Mod 10 DR* Weighted1001234567891L>RTotProd
Mod 10 DSR** Weighted10098765432131L>RTotProd
Mod 11 DR* Weighted110123456789X1L>RTotProd
Mod 11 DSR** Weighted110X9876543211L>RTotProd
Mastercard (prefix 51-55)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
Visa (prefix 4)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
Amex (prefix 34,37)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
Diners Club/Carte Blanche (prefix 36,38,300-305)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
Discover (prefix 6011)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
JCB (prefix 3,2131,1800)10R098765432121L>RTotDigit
* Divide Remainder use remainder as checkdigit
** Divide Subtract Remainder checkdigit is Modulus minus remainder

The Checkdigit dialog box below demonstrates how to fill out the box. The example used is for a 9 digit UPC code whose checkdigit becomes its tenth digit.

Check digit dialog