Chiming Digital Clock Download

Chiming Digital Clock is available for FREE download and FREE use. Two versions are available: one for Windows PCs and one for Android devices.

To begin the download, click the appropriate download button below.


For Windows downloads: Some web browsers do not like the download of executable files (.exe). The Internet Explorer is one of them. During the download/install of clockED you may see some warnings by the Internet Explorer or other browser. Examples of such warnings are shown farther below. All of the downloadable files from this website are safe to use.
For Android downloads: The downloaded 'clockED.apk' file will be found in the Downloads folder of your Android device. You can install it by clicking on it. Your Android system has a protection system that will let you know that this .apk file is not from the Google Play Store. It will ask if its OK to proceed with the install. The .apk file you downloaded from this site is clean of any viruses. You can safely proceed with the install.

Warnings you may see from the Internet Explorer or other browsers...

On initial start of download...
clockED download warning

just save the file to the desktop or other location.

At end of the download...
clockED download complete warning

Start the install by double clicking on the file just downloaded.

At the beginning of the install...
clockED install warning

Complete the install as normal.