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countED is available for FREE download. It is a licensed program. The copy you download is a fully functional version. While unlicensed, countED places Xs across print output pages. You will need to obtain a license which will remove these Xs.

You are encouraged to fully explore the capabilities of countED before obtaining a license. EDit wants you to be completely comfortable with the program. You will be able to test countED on your equipment. Make sure to read the enclosed pdf documentation for explanations of capabilities that may not be immediately obvious.

To download, click the 'Download countED' link below. Save the downloaded file on your hard drive. Then double-click the downloaded 'countEDcur.exe' file to start installation of countED.

Installation will place desktop icons for countED and its documentation. Try some of the examples included with countED by starting it and selecting an example job from the File...,Open Job... menu option.

Self-installing package
(~5.0 MB)
ZIP Format
(~0.6 MB)

Consider Online Assistance?

If you have a question or would like online assistance, please call us. We can give you one-on-one help with your question over the Internet directly on your PC.

Warnings you may see from the Internet Explorer or other browsers...

Note: Some web browsers do not like the download of executable files (.exe). The Internet Explorer is one of them. During the download/install of countED you may see some warnings by the Internet Explorer or other browser. Examples of such warnings are shown farther below. All of the downloadable files from this website are safe to use.

These warnings are created because small software developers like us won't pay Microsoft large money to CERTIFY the download images. We could not be in business if those fees were paid each time we made improvements in the program.

On initial start of download...
countED download warning

just save the file to the desktop or other location.

At end of the download...
countED download complete warning

Start the install by double clicking on the file just downloaded.

At the beginning of the install...
countED install warning

Complete the install as normal.

Warnings you may see from Windows 10...

On Windows 10: After download and at start of install...
Windows protected your PC1

Click on 'More info'.

The following will display...
Windows protected your PC2

Start the install by clicking on the 'Run anyway' button.