Chiming Digital Clock    ($0.01 + handling)

Chiming Digital Clock (clockED) was inspired by the original Heathkit clock available back in the 1970s. This version reproduces its classic display and includes the Westminster chimes. The chimes sound on each quarter hour and on the hour the clock tolls out the hour.

Click on clock to play sample default chimes.
Chiming Digital Clock

There are additional sounds packages available for free downloading:

Package Contents
Chimes & Gongs Over one dozen various chimes & gongs producing versions of the Westminster, Whittington, BimBam, ... sounds
Novelty Coocoo clock, dogs barking, car horns tooting, ...

If you are handy with recording and sound editing software (not included), you can add to the clock your own sounds. clockED lets you add tick/tock seconds sounds and quarter hour and hour counting sounds. You supplement the installed program with these new sounds in new folders added to the installed folder tree. The table below indicates what the files are and where they are added.

Folder Files
.../Program Files/EDit/clockED/
s1.wav - the 'tick' sound
s2.wav - the 'tock' sound
.../Program Files/EDit/clockED/
q0.wav - the hour counting sound
q1.wav - the 1st quarter hour sound (:15)
q2.wav - the 2nd quarter hour sound (:30)
q3.wav - the 3rd quarter hour sound (:45)
q4.wav - the 4th quarter hour sound (:00)

We would like you to forward to us at our support EMail address some of your best sounds. We would like to share them with others.